An later history on Toyota Dyna Truck

 In this article, a later history of Dyna trucks made by Toyota will be introduced.
  In 4th generation, it was model-changed fully. The main amendments are, improvements on driver seat comfortability, capacity enlargement, category change from semi-cab over to cab over.
  In 5th generation, 200/300 series were intrduced. At this stage, it was commonized with 5th generation of Toyoace. After that, 3rd generation of Hiace truck was also commonized with it.
  In 6th generation, its front mask and internal design were dramatically changed. In 1997, by moving its front wheel, they made it lo floor, but it did not go well. Even big customers, namely Coca Cola Bottling, Sagawa Kyubin, JAF were not willing to get it.
  From 7th generation, the development has been with Hino. Full model change has been done in 2001. 5L engine was attached for the dissel engine. In 2002, it became a low-pollution car which was assessed by Prefectures, like Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Kyoto.